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Was ist mit dem Korsett, Bustier's und Basque?

Die meisten Leute wundern sich, dass der Unterschied zwischen einem Korsett und einem Bustier und einem Baskenland besteht
 Generally speaking,Corset & Bustier both are a garment worn to slim effect and gently shape the waist,
Corsets are designed to make a woman curve of beauty by holding in the the waist, while Bustiers, having built in cups are used to push the up the bust and make well-rounded.Originally designed as intimate wear, today both are worn as as outerwear(like as individuals and groups) and erotic piece of lingerie. Basque is a fitted garment and have not the flexible things back to pull the waist. is mainly an underwired torso-hugging camisole that resembles a corset (typically featuring decorative front or back lace-up detail), but of more delicate construction and offering little or no figure moulding compression.
 The history of corsets goes back many, many years. The desire to reduce the waist and exaggerate the body's natural curves first appeared in Minoan times, about 1700 BC and wholesale corsets then re-emerged during the Renaissance period 15th century, continuing through the Victorian age. In Victorian times corsets were very popular. They were worn by all women but not for the same purpose they are today. In those days it was thought that woman did not leave the house without looking their best or slimmest. Corsets in those times were made hold in every extra pound.
 Today, corsets & bustiers are being paraded down catwalks as one of the latest fashion trends.They are worn under a suit or clothing to give the feeling of sensuality or to provide an extra lift. They can also be especially helpful as bridal lingerie under the dress, and later on their honeymoon. they're sexy and fabulous in the bed room for special romantic night,as they slimming effect and lift you want for that special occasion.
 When you wear it not only younger but also definitely shapely,feminine,confident and sensuous, as some of them even have matching G-string or Garters or stocking and also have very attractive various all kind s oflingerie sets.

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